Camden hosts Marlton packaging company celebrating 50 years in business

T.H.E.M. honors 50th anniversary while aboard the country’s largest battleship

Industry-leading flexible packaging manufacturer T.H.E.M. (also known as Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing) celebrated 50 years in business Friday aboard Battleship New Jersey, in Camden with T.H.E.M. employees, business partners and other supporters in attendance.

T.H.E.M. specializes in single-use stick packs for different businesses including Kraft, Unilever, Pepsi, Nestlé and others. In 2023, T.H.E.M. intends to expand its facilities in New Jersey to meet the growing needs of its single-serve and stick-packaging manufacturing business.

“Friday was a day I will always remember,” said Neil Kozarsky, CEO of T.H.E.M. “Not only
did we celebrate five decades in the business, but the team surprised me with a touching
tribute and proclamation from Cherry Hill Gold Star mother Melinda Kane, and flag display
courtesy of Battleship New Jersey Director of Education & Curatorial Affairs Ryan
Szimanski. Plus, I was asked to fire a blank from the cannon aboard the ship — an important piece of American history right in our backyard. It was truly a special day.”

This is the first year T.H.E.M. was a “Fleet Admiral” corporate sponsor of the Battleship New
Jersey Museum and Memorial, which aims to restore, preserve and exhibit the history of the USS New Jersey and those who worked and served on it.

Fleet Admiral-level sponsorship covers 1,600 general admission tickets, 76 Firepower Tour tickets, four family memberships to the battleship, private tours and more.

“The partnership with T.H.E.M. on our tour route allows us to continue to restore and
preserve the Battleship New Jersey so families in the area can learn about the amazing
history of the ship and her crew,” Jack Willard, Battleship New Jersey director of
marketing and sales, stated.

Recently, T.H.E.M. was named a Diamond Finalist in the 2021 DOW Packaging Innovation
Awards for producing its revolutionary Advanced Hand Sanitizer sachet in collaboration with
Amazon Basic Care. The production of this sleek, leak-proof sachet that uses over 50%
less material per packet than competitive products is possible only with Sanko machinery,
which T.H.E.M. is the sole distributor of in North America.

T.H.E.M. donated 20,000 sachets of its sanitizer to the Battleship New Jersey for
patrons who visit the historic site in the future. T.H.E.M. routinely donates the product to first responders who work tirelessly to keep New Jerseyans safe through the COVID-19 pandemic and every day.

Willard continued, “The donation of hand sanitizer further helps create a safe environment
for our guests who tour the ship, students who experience onboard classes and scout and
youth organizations who spend the night aboard the battleship.”