Nonprofit profile: Support Center for Nonprofit Management, helping strengthen other organizations’ leadership

In brief

Serving: The state of New Jersey.
Key members: Keith Timko, CEO; Dr. Jeff Robinson, board chair. 


Support Center for Nonprofit Management was formed as a part of an international network, Support Centers of America, to strengthen the leadership and management of organizations. In the beginning, Prudential Financial provided the seed funding to establish a local Newark office as a part of that national network.


Our mission is to empower nonprofits and social enterprises to transform their leadership and management and advance our vision for social change.


Support Center approved five goals in the process, focusing on longer-term and integrated partnerships, building our talent pool, increasing access with an emphasis on smaller organizations led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color, building our infrastructure and ensuring a sustainable business model.


In 2021, Support Center reached 120 organizations across our strategy and management, executive transition, professional and leadership development and organizational navigator work. Support Center also approved a new strategic plan, in which we focused on the systems that perpetuate inequities across health, wealth, happiness, safety and security. We also committed to a number of explicit diversity, equity & inclusion commitments through the process.


Support Center is a different kind of nonprofit that supports other organizations. That happens through workshops and trainings, leadership programs and direct coaching and consulting. Areas of focus for consulting include strategy, management and executive transition. Support Center also has identified interim executives and long-term executives through an executive search program.


Only 20% of Support Center’s budget comes from foundation and individual contributions. The vast majority of funds comes from earned income for our programs. Organizations either pay directly for programs or government agencies (e.g., the New Jersey Office of Faith-Based Organizations) or foundations (e.g., Grunin Foundation in Monmouth and Ocean counties) subsidize programs on behalf of their partner nonprofits.


As mentioned, Support Center is grateful for long-term partnerships with the New Jersey Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and the Grunin Foundation, as well as long-time collaborators such as Prudential and the Victoria Foundation. We are also proud of our work with many nonprofits — large and small — across the state of New Jersey that we engage through facilitation, coaching and consulting.


Support Center offers a free office hours program for organizations to talk through their efforts and perhaps see where they could be stronger. It’s a great resource that allows organizations to reflect and think through an opportunity or challenge.

Conversation Starter

For more information, please contact Keith Timko, executive director, at 917-522-8300 or via email at