Bielat Santore & Co. arranges sale of Sterling Gardens catering facility in Matawan to Hudson Square

Matawan catering facility Sterling Gardens has been sold, according to Richard R. Santore of Allenhurst-based Bielat Santore & Co.

Located at 227 Freneau Ave. (Route 79), the establishment had enjoyed a reputation as a banquet center for over 50 years.

The new owner, Hector Alvarez, plans a “bigger, bolder and brasher vision” for the unique property.

Alvarez is seeking to create an “experience” called Hudson Square: a combination of elegant dining, innovative bar business, imaginative outdoor space and intimate luxury banquets (up to 150 guests).

Hudson Square is a food and beverage venue that is intended to provide incredible times and unforgettable moments to its patrons. The approach to this concept is simple: American fare coupled with the flavors and influences of classic European and Mediterranean style cooking. The merging of dining experiences from the global community, a carefully crafted menu and locally grown seasonal ingredients culminates in a dining encounter that customers will not forget. Quality, consistency, presentation and exceptional service will all be discovered in a visit to Hudson Square.

With 14,000 square feet of multipurpose space, Hudson Square is the perfect place for special events. Event planning and catering will be conducted exclusively by the Hudson Square Hospitality Group.

Alvarez said Hudson Square is destined to be one of New Jersey’s most “Instagram-able” establishments, and will not just be just a restaurant, it will be a “happening” unlike any other.