Minority Cannabis Academy, EzHire Cannabis form N.J. partnership to connect grads with cannabis employers

Black-owned adult learning institution Minority Cannabis Academy and EzHire Cannabis, the “Indeed for Weed,” on Wednesday announced a partnership that will connect graduates of MCA’s program with the largest cannabis employers operating in the state.

Jersey City-based MCA focuses on the professional development and technical training of minorities and disenfranchised communities impacted by the “War on Drugs,” who are interested in becoming cannabis industry professionals.

EzHire said MCA’s program is intense and designed to make sure graduates know the realities of working in cannabis.

“We are looking forward to growing the future of cannabis in New Jersey with our partners at MCA. Diversity & inclusion are the pillars of our brand, and finding partners like MCA to fulfill that mission is critical to our success,” EzHire CEO Jacob Carlson added.

With over 40,000 new jobs expected in New Jersey from the legal cannabis industry in the next 12-18 months, the timing of this partnership is critical to ensuring the skills MCA gives candidates translate to jobs in the industry.

As part of the partnership, those who complete MCA’s comprehensive workforce development courses will be set up with profiles on the EzHire Cannabis platform and presented to employers at various multistate operators such as Columbia Care, aka Cannabist, which recently became an ongoing sponsor of the Minority Cannabis Academy.

MCA co-founder and President Brendon Robinson added: “Partnering with EzHire Cannabis will enable us to create an ecosystem for the students that are enrolling in our program. Job placement is at the forefront of our organizational goals and EzHire Cannabis is the perfect partner to help streamline this process.”