Happy anniversary … to us: ROI-NJ turns 5

It’s the funny riddle we like to tell around here: Who would be crazy enough to start a media company in 2017?

The answer: The same people who would take over full ownership of said company … wait for it … just a few days before the state was shut down for a pandemic.

As ROI-NJ celebrates the fifth anniversary of the day it went live online (our print anniversary is next month), we know it’s been a wild ride for all of us.

The secret to surviving and thriving? That’s easy. Co-owners Tom Bergeron and Tom Hughes say it has come down to one thing: Everyone else.

First, we salute our staff, who help us do the seemingly impossible — putting out loads of content that informs and inspires — and has value and appeal to the hundreds of advertisers that graciously support us:

  • Liz Dwyer
  • Doug Hughes
  • Brett Johnson
  • Linda Lindner
  • Robert F. Russo
  • Eric Strauss
  • Tim Van Cauwenberge

But, most of all, we salute you, the readers … and the advertisers. Without your support, we would be nowhere.

Now it can be told

Any entrepreneur will tell you: It’s hard to start a company. Here’s the crazy reason why ROI-NJ started a day later than we had planned.

ROI-NJ was started with a simple premise: Tell the people who are in the know what they need to know.

We aim to stay straight to the facts — but, also, when appropriate, we aim to capture the human side of events, too. And, maybe, every once in a while, give you something that makes you laugh or cry.

Most of all, we remember this: We’re all New Jersey, all the time.

Five years. My, how time flies.

Thanks for reading. The best is yet to come.