American Dream introduces Blast 7D — fuses competitive gameplay with interactive motion simulator

Riders and gamers embark on immersive odyssey through 7 dimensions

American Dream in East Rutherford announced Monday that it is opening a new concept in immersive gaming — BLAST 7D.

Designed as “the world’s first fully interactive, fully immersive 7D ride,” BLAST 7D is a one-of-a-kind attraction that combines a hyperrealistic and immersive video game experience with the thrill and sensation of a roller coaster and the nonstop excitement of multiplayer competitive play.

Located next to Angry Birds Mini Golf on Level 1, BLAST 7D will captivate gamers, riders and thrill-seekers alike.

The BLAST 7D experience.

Offering five unique ride experiences, BLAST 7D takes the three dimensions of real life and adds four more: acceleration, motion, wind and competitive play. Players get the thrill of flying, diving, jumping and falling — with up to 2G of force — all while blasting evil robot cowboys, zombies and many other villains through different worlds, and competing for the highest score with up to 12 players.

“American Dream offers exhilarating, unique experiences to our guests that they won’t find anywhere else in the world,” Bryan Gaus, senior vice president and general manager of American Dream, stated. “BLAST 7D is a stellar example of that. It’s a thrilling new form of gameplay. We’re so impressed with the visionary creative work of BLAST 7D’s creators. They are truly at the cutting edge of multi-sensory interactive action and adventure.”