Chemistry Council of N.J. partners to promote chemical operator training

Modernized ChemOps training with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates features component to increase retention

The Chemistry Council of New Jersey has partnered with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates to promote chemical operator training and underpin a safety culture that is the foundation of the industry, according to a Wednesday release.

The alliance facilitates expanded implementation of SOCMA’s ChemOps Training tool for chemical manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, benefiting CCNJ’s more than 60 manufacturer members as well as the North American chemical industry as a whole.

Launched in 2019 with modernized features, ChemOps Training is designed for chemical workers to achieve optimal understanding of plant equipment and processes through interactive 3D animations, self-guided exercises and user progress tracking. Program curriculum includes basic science and mathematical concepts, risk management practices, plant equipment and much more.

“We’re excited to form this critical alliance with SOCMA to promote ChemOps Training and reinforce worker safety objectives across our industry,” Dennis Hart, executive director, CCNJ, said. “By promoting ChemOps Training, we fulfill one of CCNJ’s strategic goals of supporting workforce development, training and science education for our members. In fact, the historical fabric of our organization includes providing such programs and opportunities to chemical manufacturers in the great state of New Jersey, and we are proud to continue the advancement of that mission by offering this modernized training tool.”

“SOCMA is pleased to work with CCNJ to pilot expansion of the ChemOps Training program throughout New Jersey and nationwide,” Paul Hirsh, SOCMA’s senior vice president of industry relations, stated. “ChemOps Training enables companies to maintain strong safety cultures and is the solution for efficient and effective training as capabilities and processes evolve and customer demand increases.”

Solely dedicated to the specialty and fine chemical industry, SOCMA focuses on building commercial connections, supporting manufacturing and operations, and advocating for regulatory and legislative policies.