Solar Landscape joins relief effort to provide solar to Puerto Rico community

Together with nonprofit Let’s Share the Sun, Asbury Park-based Solar Landscape is joining the effort to help Puerto Rico become more resilient after events like Hurricane Fiona, which devastated the island in September.

The company will donate financial resources, expertise and labor to install solar panels and batteries on homes with critical energy and medical needs.

Not only does installing solar energy make Puerto Rico more resilient, it makes it more independent and green. Nearly three-quarters of all electricity in Puerto Rico is generated by petroleum, which is imported to the island.

Solar Landscape Chief Development Officer John Moran has participated in Let’s Share the Sun installation projects in Puerto Rico and has seen firsthand the difference that the program has made for residents there.

“Let’s Share the Sun and Solar Landscape share a similar mission: to bring the advantages of solar energy to disadvantaged communities,” Moran stated. “As we witness the recurring power outages in Puerto Rico, Solar Landscape is proud to help Let’s Share the Sun bring resilient and renewable power to households with health conditions that require them to have uninterrupted access to energy.”

“Providing solar energy to Puerto Rican residents can be a literal lifesaver,” Bernadette Jordan, executive director at Let’s Share the Sun, said. “We’re excited that Solar Landscape is joining us in our project to install solar arrays and backup batteries in homes that need constant electricity to keep medicine refrigerated or medical equipment running.”