3 companies in N.J. make ‘Most Loved Workplace’ list

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What’s the difference between being recognized as a “Most Loved Workplace” as opposed to a “Best Place to Work”?

We’ll admit it: We’re not sure.

But we do know this. In an age of “quiet quitting” — a time when employees hold more power than ever — making sure workers are happy is essential. And, if they love the company they work for, all the better.

That’s the theory behind Newsweek‘s 2022 list of Most Loved companies. The second annual version of the rankings had three New Jersey companies among the 100 listed:

  • No. 11 Wyndham (Parsippany);
  • No. 52 BASF (Florham Park);
  • No. 80 Conduent (Florham Park).

Newsweek partnered with the Florida-based Best Practice Institute to form the list.

The two said more than 1.4 million employees were surveyed at businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to more than 10,000; some 450 companies were accepted to apply for certification as a “Most Loved Workplace” and nearly 300 made the cut.

Newsweek and BPI officials said the Top 100 were chosen based on a variety of factors that BPI’s research has revealed are most important to employee satisfaction.

The criteria included, for example: Are collaboration and teamwork important? Are there opportunities for advancement? Is the company a good citizen or does it just pretend to be for public relations purposes?

BPI CEO Louis Carter said lists such as this are more important than ever.

“In the new age of quiet quitting, companies who are winning at the talent game provide and believe strongly in the benefits of career development to stay ahead,” he said.

BPI research chief Scott Baxt said it’s simple: Employees are as much as four times more likely to be more productive if they love the company they work for.

“The data is clearer than ever,” he said. “Employees want to go home each day and know they contributed, whether in an entry-level position or senior management.

“The companies on this list highlight how they have given a voice to all employees and, in return, have been rewarded with increased productivity and performance.”

Here’s a look at what they wrote about the three N.J. companies:

  1. Wyndham (Parsippany)

Hospitality (4,158 employees)

The company’s hospitality culture is ingrained in employees throughout the career life cycle. The “Count on Me” mantra: responsiveness, respect and delivering great experiences.

  1. BASF (Florham Park)

Chemicals (16,000+ employees)

All together now: BASF, based in New Jersey, has created special communities of working parents, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+, emerging professionals and veterans.

  1. Conduent (Florham Park)

Process services (10,000+ employees)

Eight global “Employee Impact Groups” serve as a vehicle to share diverse ideas and perspectives. Workers also use Q&A sessions with company leaders to get to the bottom of things.

Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, topped the list.

“The computer giant is big on employees controlling their own destiny,” the authors wrote. “Example: Workers use Dell’s build-your-career hub to skill up.

“One result? A majority of management jobs are filled internally.”

To see the complete list, click here.