Valley’s cannabis team earns national recognition

Bank, which launched its cannabis-related business unit in 2021, says it is one of largest banks serving CRB operators nationally

Valley Bank’s cannabis-related business team recently was named the Top Banking Company for 2022 at the third annual PBC Conference in Washington, D.C.

The conference focuses on the payments, banking and compliance aspects of the burgeoning cannabis market.

Brett Rawls, Valley’s CRB Department head, correspondent & specialty banking, said the award shows the effort the team has made.

“Being named the Top Banking Company in CRB not only builds credibility within the segment, but also demonstrates our commitment for fostering a reliable and safe industry that supports the communities in which we do business,” he said.

As a national bank, Valley officials feel it is positioned to service the industry across geographic markets, including multistate operators as well as single-state and local cultivators, processors and retailers. Rawls said the bank’s dedicated team of professionals, including onboarding and treasury management specialists, are focused on serving the needs of cannabis-related businesses.

Rick Kraemer, Valley’s chief financial services officer, said the bank is thrilled to be recognized.

“Forming strong relationships with our clients and partners are critical to establishing baselines in this quickly growing industry,” he said. “As with all our business efforts, we expect Valley to be recognized as a thought leader and critical partner to any industry or market we bank.

“This recognition by PBC serves to confirm we have built a world-class banking platform to support the cannabis industry.”