Vantage Commercial successfully closes ‘triple play’ multiproperty sale in South Jersey

Vantage Commercial on Thursday said it successfully closed on a multiproperty sale distributed among three different townships within southern New Jersey. The properties are located at 1250 Route 73 in Palmyra (auto store), 4790 Route 42 in Turnersville (AAMCO) and 6 Azalea Drive in Lumberton (residential). Each property was unique, and Vantage acquired different buyers for the buildings.

Ken Richardson, executive director at Vantage Commercial, worked closely with the seller to facilitate each transaction. Richardson listed and sold the two commercial properties within a short period of time. The third property, the owner’s personal residence, was sold via Richardson’s partnership with the Vantage Residential division.

The owner, now located on the West Coast, had confidence that Richardson had the ability to handle the entire sales process remotely. The auto store located in Palmyra was sold to Dallas Properties and subsequently leased to Auto Smart. The Turnersville location was sold to Burlington Automotive; it will use the property for its expanding business. The 8,300-square-foot residential property was sold to a local family.

“Ken Richardson was helpful and sensitive to the situation that led me to having settled our family’s estate. We could not have done this without him” the seller of the properties stated.

“My goal was to meet the needs of the family quickly without them having to engage multiple firms. I was confident in Vantage’s ability to handle and sell both the commercial and residential properties,” Richardson stated.