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Public affairs in 2022: Q&A with Brendan Gill

Brendan Gill
Founder, president
BGill Group

Q: In an age when anyone, anywhere, at any time can disseminate information, how can a modern-day public affairs or public relations firm break through the noise and deliver the message of its clients to the masses? 

Brendan Gill (BGill Group): It’s often not the ‘masses’ you need to reach, but identifying and understanding the target audience you need to engage with to achieve your goals. What do you want to accomplish, who do you need to be speaking to in order to accomplish that goal? Everyone at our firm comes out of the world of political campaigns. The concept of hypercustomized messaging, target universes and meeting people where they are is in our DNA. 

Q: What are you doing now that you may not have been doing one, three, five years ago?

Brendan Gill (BGill Group): We’re now in the cannabis space, helping clients navigate the licensing and approval process, and working with local governments who have to establish the industry framework within their municipality. More generally, earned media has become very challenging. We are doing much more in the digital space and with paid media, where we are enjoying the creative and strategic opportunities and flexibility. 

Q: What is your best sales pitch to a potential client who currently is not using a PR/PA firm?

Brendan Gill (BGill Group): We help them identify their goals and show them where their current efforts aren’t aligned with or aren’t achieving those goals. We create a customized plan for achieving those specific objectives. We identify their needs and provide solutions for those needs that will yield measurable results. 


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