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Public affairs in 2022: Q&A with Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly
General manager

Q: In an age when anyone, anywhere, at any time can disseminate information, how can a modern-day public affairs or public relations firm break through the noise and deliver the message of its clients to the masses? 

Chris Donnelly (Kivvit): An audience-first approach allows for segmented communications — ensuring messages meet people where they are, both in delivery and in context. In turn, given the misinformation age we are in, it is increasingly important to tie communications strategies to uniquely trusted and relevant third-party validators and external supporters among each segment.

Q: What are you doing now that you may not have been doing one, three, five years ago?

Chris Donnelly (Kivvit): We have invested in and committed to tech, data and analytics capabilities that provide unique insights and value, from planning through execution. We have also made a conscious effort to build the culture and systems to enable teams to work seamlessly across expertise, sectors and geography to provide truly integrated solutions for our clients.

Q: What is your best sales pitch to a potential client who currently is not using a PR/PA firm?

Chris Donnelly (Kivvit): The major issues of today — social impact; environment, social & governance; diversity, equity & inclusion; stakeholder capitalism; market volatility; influencer activists; misinformation; political polarization; and employee empowerment — challenge organizations in new ways. We are built to help organizations meet this moment and navigate their most complex issues.


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