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Public affairs in 2022: Q&A with Eric Shuffler

Eric Shuffler
Founder, managing partner
River Crossing Strategy Group

Q: In an age when anyone, anywhere, at any time can disseminate information, how can a modern-day public affairs or public relations firm break through the noise and deliver the message of its clients to the masses? 

Eric Shuffler (River Crossing Strategy Group): Three key things: Use multiple mediums to create echo chambers around your messaging. Take advantage of ability to use data to target message. Be bolder and more concise with your verbiage to break through.

Q: What are you doing now that you may not have been doing one, three, five years ago?

Eric Shuffler (River Crossing Strategy Group): The increasing ability to use very specific data and mediums to accurately target your audience is so much better and more readily available than ever.

Q: What is your best sales pitch to a potential client who currently is not using a PR/PA firm?

Eric Shuffler (River Crossing Strategy Group): The return on investment is so high, the ability to engage customers is fairly inexpensive, the ability to generate a positive return on a commitment to PR/PA is higher than ever. 


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