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Public Affairs in 2022: Q&A with Michael Soliman

Michael Soliman
Mercury Public Affairs

Q: In an age when anyone, anywhere, at any time can disseminate information, how can a modern-day public affairs or public relations firm break through the noise and deliver the message of its clients to the masses? 

Michael Soliman (Mercury Public Affairs): Successful public relations/public affairs campaigns identify and develop messaging that is specifically tailored to a target audience, based on the client’s goals. Breaking through the noise isn’t about shouting louder — it’s delivering the right content, in the right way, to the right people. That is what gets results.

Q: What are you doing now that you may not have been doing one, three, five years ago?

Michael Soliman (Mercury Public Affairs): The fundamentals of public relations haven’t changed — it’s still about delivering the right message to the right audience. What has changed dramatically is where people get their information from, with a rapidly evolving digital media landscape. We closely track those trends to inform our communications strategies.

Q: What is your best sales pitch to a potential client who currently is not using a PR/PA firm?

Michael Soliman (Mercury Public Affairs): If you don’t have a professional public relations/public affairs firm on your team, you are missing opportunities to connect and foster engagement beyond your current network. Hiring experts that specialize in strategy is the best way to ensure your message is clear, concise and being delivered directly to your desired audience.


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