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Public relations in 2022: Q&A with Kevin Israel

Kevin Israel
Senior strategist
Kessler PR Group

Q: In an age when anyone, anywhere, at any time can disseminate information, how can a modern-day public affairs or public relations firm break through the noise and deliver the message of its clients to the masses? 

Kevin Israel (Kessler PR Group): The old adage rings still rings true — keep it simple. In this era of 280 characters and audiences with 60-second attention spans, you have to trim the fat and get to your point … fast. The more you say, the more likely your client is to be misquoted. Short, pithy and memorable wins the day every time.

Q: What are you doing now that you may not have been doing one, three, five years ago?

Kevin Israel (Kessler PR Group): Social media, social media, social media. Every year, we think it can’t possibly become a bigger part of our lives, and, every year, another new platform is all the rage. There are so many ways to communicate instantaneously with your audience, a skilled PR professional has to stay ahead of what’s hot in social media. Words like ‘algorithm,’ ‘SEO,’ ‘trending’ and ‘influencer’ have become part of our everyday vernacular.

Q: What is your best sales pitch to a potential client who currently is not using a PR/PA firm?

Kevin Israel (Kessler PR Group): As a crisis communications firm that often works with law firms on cases ranging from criminal to employment matters, to bankruptcy and corporate dissolution, we tell potential clients that their first statement after a crisis is usually the one people remember. An experienced team, like Kessler PR, can help you take a step back and craft a well-honed message that sets the tone for your overall response.


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