WorkWave acquires TaskEasy, leading automated field service marketplace

Holmdel-based WorkWave, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service solutions for businesses, said Tuesday that it has acquired TaskEasy, a leading service marketplace for rental property owners.

TaskEasy, based in Salt Lake City, connects single-family rental and commercial property owners with contractors through its mobile marketplace. It traditionally has focused on lawn and yard maintenance, snow clearing, interior cleaning and pool maintenance for single-family rental properties.

WorkWave officials feel they will be able to expand its service offerings to include any home service, using WorkWave’s vast network of customers to complete this work.

“This acquisition is in keeping with our strategy of buying leading companies that, when brought into the WorkWave family, directly contribute to giving our customers a competitive advantage over non-WorkWave customers in their local area,” WorkWave CEO David Giannetto said.

“TaskEasy is a best-in-class technology that directly contributes to our customers’ growth by providing them with access to a steady stream of new customers that are only available to WorkWave’s customer base. This will further strengthen our relationship with our customers because, as they succeed and grow, WorkWave succeeds and grows.”

About WorkWave

For nearly 40 years, WorkWave has been building best practices into its market-leading field service and last mile software solutions to allow best-in-class companies to grow their business, service their customers and maximize their money.

Its solutions empower service-oriented companies to reach their full potential through scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of a business life cycle, including marketing, sales, service delivery, customer interaction and financial transactions.

TaskEasy works with the largest single-family home rental brands and hundreds of the largest property managers across the U.S., facilitating services at millions of properties in over 12,000 cities. Large residential and commercial property portfolio owners can leverage TaskEasy’s suite of application programming interfaces and digital tools to manage their properties across the country, and homeowners can order and manage services at the click of a button.

TaskEasy founder and CEO Ken Davis said TaskEasy is the first company to automate and consolidate the service work required to maintain thousands of rental properties across North America, sustaining their value and keeping them safe for residents.

“We are thrilled to join together with WorkWave so we can utilize WorkWave’s dense, national customer base to fulfill any type of service work required, while also accelerating growth for WorkWave’s entire small to midsize customer base,” Davis said.