Middlesex County announces CIO Strategic Investment Plan to transform schools (SLIDESHOW)

Middlesex County, together with the state of New Jersey, on Tuesday said it finalized its Community, Innovation, and Opportunity Strategic Investment Plan.

The plan, part of Middlesex County’s Destination 2040 Strategic Plan, is designed to transform and bolster Middlesex College and the Magnet School System, as well as meet the diverse needs of the entire community.

Middlesex College and county leadership, along with key state and local government and school district officials, spoke Tuesday about the long-term economic impact this new plan will have and how it will transform the region.

Highlights of the CIO Strategic Investment Plan include:

  • An open-air Multipurpose Community Venue for concerts, cultural events and multiple sports such as baseball, soccer or lacrosse;
  • A Workforce Development & Conference Center;
  • A new Community Park featuring an educational children’s amenity;
  • A new Student Center, which will include campus and community amenities;
  • A new Middlesex County Magnet School, the Middlesex County Magnet School of the Future;
  • A Destination Athletic Complex featuring 14 multisport synthetic fields, 16 tennis courts and a state-of-the-art recreational cricket field; and
  • An expansion of the existing exterior spaces, activating these areas by adding public art, seating and water features.

Consistent with the principles of Destination 2040, the CIO Strategic Investment Plan will not just guide the growth of Middlesex College over the next decade, it will enhance life quality and drive economic development for all of Middlesex County.

“We are excited to get this significant project off the ground — and we’ll be working closely with President (Mark) McCormick and the board of trustees at Middlesex College, as well as the Middlesex County Magnet Schools and the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, to move a number of these initiatives forward today. From cultural to world-class recreational opportunities, from athletic to scholastic, this plan will improve the lives of so many in our community,” Middlesex County Commissioner Director Ronald Rios said.

“This project is an unprecedented opportunity not only to cement Middlesex College’s place as one of the best two-year colleges in America by not only expanding the educational offerings of both the college and the Magnet School System, but to turn the campus into a multifaceted destination for the community here in Middlesex County and this entire region. The Community, Innovation, and Opportunity Strategic Investment Plan will drastically transform the outdoor activities available to families and individuals across both Middlesex County and the state of New Jersey.”

“Middlesex County has long epitomized the best our state has to offer: economic opportunity, family-oriented communities and schools that prepare our children to reach their full potential not just as students, but as community members and future leaders,” Gov. Phil Murphy said. “The Community, Innovation, and Opportunity Strategic Investment Plan announced today will further promote educational opportunities, community engagement and the arts among Middlesex College students and residents of all ages. Together, these improvements will further solidify Middlesex College as a crucial anchor in a community that will continue to grow and flourish for generations to come.”

“Middlesex College is truly the heart of Middlesex County. With this extraordinary and transformative investment by the state and Middlesex County on and near our campus, Middlesex College can do even more to lean into and live up to its mission of providing access to a quality, affordable education for a diverse population, supporting student success for lifelong learning, and strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of the community,” McCormick said. “On behalf of the faculty and staff and especially the students of Middlesex College, I want to thank Gov. Murphy, Speaker (Craig) Coughlin and the New Jersey Legislature, and the Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners, led by Commissioner Director Rios, for their vision and focus on investing in the greater Middlesex County community.”