Stockton students selected as winning designers of new logo for state’s cannabis trade association

The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association has a new logo conceptualized by the creative minds of Stockton University students.

The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association logo.

The new logo design was unveiled at Stockton University’s Cannabis Career Fair & Business Expo, with representatives from NJCTA kicking off the event by recognizing senior year students Sarahann Schreiber of Estell Manor and Lord’Kala Dawson of Trenton for their vision and creativity.

NJCTA presented each student with checks for winning the association’s new logo contest, which was held with the support of the university.

“All designs submitted by the students at Stockton University were impressive, but we gravitated toward the designs submitted by Sarahann and Lord’Kala and decided to combine their looks into one, unique design,” Bryan Murray, vice president, NJCTA, and executive vice president of government relations, Acreage Holdings, stated.

Schreiber and Dawson were among 16 students who submitted designs to the NJCTA review committee. As co-honorees of the contest’s winning design, Schreiber and Dawson each received $1,125, while the third-place designer, Amy Kaszuba, received $250.

Participation in the contest was exclusive to Stockton University students and was organized by Rob Mejia, a cannabis studies teaching specialist who plays a lead role in Stockton University’s Cannabis & Hemp Research Initiative.

“When I heard that there was an opportunity for the creation of a new NJCTA logo, I thought this could be a perfect opportunity for our creative Stockton students. I often see impressive examples of their artwork and graphic designs in the hallways on campus and knew they could apply that creativity and expertise to a new logo,” Mejia said.