Kratchman Architect’s visionary master plan guiding renovations at Troy Towers in Union City

Construction has begun on the extensive renovations of the façade and pool deck at Troy Towers, a 22-story residential co-op building at 380 Mountain Road in Union City, according to a Wednesday announcement.

The work marks the start of the initial phase of a visionary master plan, created by Steven Kratchman Architect P.C., for upgrading and renovating the property.

Troy Towers’ board of directors retained the Tribeca-based architecture and design firm to prepare a comprehensive plan that reimagines the future of the luxury high-rise and prioritizes short- and long-term projects in conjunction with ongoing repair work.

Built in 1966, the apartment building offers views overlooking the Lincoln Harbor Marina, the Hudson River, Hoboken and New York City. The team at Steven Kratchman Architect worked closely with the board to design a multitiered program that will transform the community, enhance the resident experience and increase shareholder value.

“Creating a broader conceptual vision for the property is a natural extension of our process,” Kratchman, the firm’s owner and founder, said. “This master plan will serve as a guide over the next five to 10 years, allowing the board and shareholders to approach potential projects systematically as they upgrade the property to meet current and future needs.”

Initial exterior enhancements focus on addressing the deterioration of the iconic Trojan bas relief featured on Troy Towers’ central façade. Kratchman proposed options including repairing the existing sculpture and rethinking the facade while reinterpreting the Trojan in a more contemporary light.

Also underway is the first phase of renovations to the pool area, which is expected to be completed by spring 2023. A new stainless-steel pool will be installed in the existing footprint with water features designed to appeal to the community’s multigenerational resident profile. The upgraded deck will feature ample sunning space, boomerang pergolas to create shade and define an outdoor “room,” and see-through glass railings to capture the views. Plans for two new amenity-rich pool decks will be submitted to the town for approvals in the coming weeks.

The scope of work also involves revitalizing Troy Towers’ front entrance and lobby and refreshing its interior amenities.