Nash Laird accepts CEO role at arts and cultural center in Boston

Taneshia Nash Laird. (File photo)

Taneshia Nash Laird, who recently announced she is leaving her role as the CEO of Newark Symphony Hall, announced on Twitter on Thursday that she will become the inaugural CEO and president of the Greater Roxbury Arts & Cultural Center in Boston.

The performing arts center is part of Nubian Square Ascends, a Black developer-led, new construction, mixed-use redevelopment of the Blair Lot, a Boston-owned parcel in the heart of the Roxbury neighborhood.

Nash Laird said the nonprofit performing arts center will be a space where Black theater, Black dance, Black cinema and Black art are brought to the forefront. It aims to be a world-class, industry-leading venue and the nexus for Black culture in Boston, she said.

Nubian Ascends Partners Managing Partner Richard Taylor applauded the announcement.

“The Boston arts, cultural and music community is honored to welcome the gifted Taneshia Nash Laird to our city,” he said. “Her leadership as president of the Nubian Performance Hall will provide a magnificent platform for community-based groups and visiting performance talent that seek a diverse audience venue in Boston.

“She has a distinguished record of accomplishments at Newark Symphony Hall and other prior roles, which cumulatively make her the perfect selection for Boston.”

The result of over a decade of work by community members and residents, Nubian Square is the epicenter of redevelopment efforts. The Nubian Square Ascends development aims to restore the neighborhood’s vitality by providing space for local artists, small businesses, and food and culinary entrepreneurs; promoting Black art and culture; expanding affordable housing for artists and connecting residents with the burgeoning life-science sector through job training and employment opportunities.

Developers say the multibuilding Nubian Square Ascends complex — which includes a 300-car garage to address the dearth of neighborhood parking — will create 900 permanent jobs and contract opportunities for minority and women-owned business enterprises through the development process.

Nash Laird’s final day at Symphony Hall will be Nov. 21.