Delta Dental of N.J. to launch DeltaVision program in partnership with VSP Vision Care

Delta Dental of New Jersey will announce Tuesday morning that it is partnering with VSP Vision Care to launch DeltaVision, giving businesses a one-stop shopping experience that will allow them to offer both group vision and dental benefits.

Delta Dental officials said VSP will administer the fully insured plans, which will be sold in conjunction with DDNJ dental plans to businesses with at least two employees.

The plans — which will be available starting Jan. 1, 2023 — give businesses the ability to package both dental and vision benefits conveniently and affordably and include the option to purchase glasses and contacts in the same calendar year.

DeltaVision will be offered to individual customers later in 2023.

Dennis Wilson.

Dennis Wilson, CEO of Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut, said the DeltaVision program shows the company’s commitment to the complete wellbeing of its customers.

“By introducing DeltaVision, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering quality service and supporting the health and wellbeing of our customers and clients,” he said.

Wilson said combining the two benefit services makes sense in a number of clinical ways.

“Dentists and optometrists are trained to detect numerous health conditions by observing early warning signs in the mouth and eyes,” he said. “We hope this offering will lead to earlier intervention and better overall health for our customers.”

DeltaVision will offer customers the largest network of participating eye doctors nationwide and innovative benefit programs that feature discounts on LASIK, additional pairs of glasses and more.

Delta Dental officials said members can take full advantage of their benefits that include in-network savings, world-class customer service, and one-stop administration that provides both dental and vision bills from the same company.

“DeltaVision was created exclusively for our Delta Dental customers,” Wilson said. “VSP is well known for their best-in-class vision programs, making them the ideal complement to our dental program. When DeltaVision is combined with your Delta Dental benefits, you get two great programs in one convenient and affordable package.”

Wilson said cost considerations were paramount to the partnership.

The top priority for consumers choosing a vision plan is low out-of-pocket costs, according to independent research.

Wilson said DeltaVision is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations by delivering value, choice, and service, low member out-of-pocket costs, savings up to 40 percent off retail costs on lens enhancements after a copay, exclusive savings on a wide selection of frame brands and lens enhancements, and both wholesale and retail frame allowances.

About Delta Dental

Delta Dental of New Jersey is New Jersey’s leading dental benefits company, providing or administering coverage to more than 1.9 million people through contracts with groups and individuals in New Jersey and Connecticut. Delta Dental of New Jersey administers self-funded dental benefit programs.

Offering dental benefits since 1969, Delta Dental of New Jersey officials say their mission is to promote oral health to the greatest number of people by providing accessible dental benefit programs of the highest quality, service, and value.

Delta Dental of NJ is a not-for-profit service corporation and part of a network that provides national dental coverage to more than 85 million people.

Additional coverage is also available for members with diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration. Robust plans feature a variety of copayment options, allowances, and frequencies to fit any group’s needs.

More information

New Jersey businesses or their broker partners can learn more about DeltaVision plans by clicking here or calling or by calling 833-792-7089.

DeltaVision was first launched in Connecticut in 2021. The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance recently approved DDNJ’s application to offer vision coverage.