Eos Energy Enterprises selected for 35 MWh long duration energy storage project in California

Batteries being installed by a crew.

Edison-based Eos Energy Enterprises recently announced an order for a 35 MWh energy storage system capable of 10-hour discharge duration.

The order, worth $13.5 million, is funded by a grant through the CEC’s Long-Duration Energy Storage Program as part of a project being carried out by Indian Energy, a 100 percent Native American-owned business, to create a first-of-its-kind resilient clean energy microgrid.

A long-term service agreement is expected to be signed by Eos and Indian Energy in the coming weeks.

Eos’ proprietary Znyth™ zinc-based battery energy storage technology is a trusted long-duration (3-12 hour) energy storage solution. It is tailor made for projects like the Viejas Enterprise Microgrid because it is reliable, flexible and can safely be deployed in communities facing increasing challenges related to climate change.

Eos energy storage systems are nonflammable and noncorrosive, and they are made in America using primarily domestically-sourced components that are fully recyclable.

The CEC has a long-standing relationship with Eos, a previous Electric Program Investment Charge (“EPIC”) awardee. Eos’ inclusion in this project will allow California to increase the diversity of its clean energy mix as the state accelerates efforts to transition to a 100 percent clean electricity system that is equitable and delivers clean, safe, reliable and affordable power. Investment in projects like these moves California closer to net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals, a more resilient power grid and a fully renewable energy sector.

“Eos is excited to be chosen by the CEC to serve the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians and the people of California,” Joe Mastrangelo, CEO of Eos Energy Enterprises said. “Our energy storage technology is well-suited for projects exactly like this and adding long-duration energy storage is a critical piece of a resilient energy mix, allowing wider adoption of solar and wind power.”

“Native communities have been fighting for resilient infrastructure for decades, and this has now become an urgent crisis for our communities,” Allen Cadreau, CEO of Indian Energy said. “By securing funding for this microgrid project, we will be able to lead instead of follow. We can no longer rely on fossil fuels – as custodians of the planet, we are creating a next-generation clean energy grid that will enable the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians to run businesses and homes cleanly and without disruption. We are excited to work with Eos as the first Made in America long duration storage solution.”

The battery energy storage systems for this project will be produced in Eos’s Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, one of the few locations in the world producing non-lithium-ion energy storage solutions at scale with an 80 percent domestic supply chain.