Powerfleet expands personal safety IoT marketplace through partnership with ClickNow

Powerfleet, based in Woodcliff Lake, on Friday said it formed a partnership with ClickNow, a protection-as-a-service smart mobile application company. The partnership strengthens Powerfleet’s focus to provide solutions across business operations and expands existing safety capabilities to personal safety outside of a vehicle.

The ClickNow mobile application in conjunction with Powerfleet’s existing platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science will continue to help Powerfleet customers save lives, time, and money.

“We are thrilled to partner with ClickNow to help take Powerfleet’s safety module, which will be released in March 2023, to a new and impactful area of mobile resources outside of a vehicle,” Jim Zeitunian, chief technology officer of Powerfleet said. “The partnership marks our first of many leading technologies being incubated in our Pointer Innovation Center in Israel, with the goal to offer it in all of our core markets.”

Accessible through Powerfleet’s Unity platform and safety module, customers will have access to a personal safety application with a built-in AI Guardian, which will conduct systematic and automated checks of the driver’s safety and provide threat alerts to the driver. The AI Guardian engages a 24/7 command control center if it is flagged for a potential emergency.

Through the program members of the driver’s family or designated contacts can also get emergency alerts as well as day-to-day information. Over time, the AI Guardian application will become increasingly predictive, deterring and alerting drivers and fleet managers to avoid potentially dangerous locations.

“With this partnership with ClickNow, we see an opportunity to provide our customers increased safety options and save more lives,” Ilan Goldsten, chief executive officer said. “Our vast customer base is an ideal subscriber for this safety application and our Israeli location will be the first place of deployment.”