SHI partners with ScienceLogic to deliver best-in-class AIOps solutions

SHI International, one of the world’s largest IT solutions providers, on Friday said it partnered with ScienceLogic, a leader in AIOps, to provide customers additional visibility while seamlessly integrating a best-in-class solution and achieving results faster.

Thousands of customers around the globe rely on SHI to implement customized solutions while avoiding the high costs, prolonged timelines, and operational disruptions that are often associated with a project as complex as deploying an AIOps practice.

The ScienceLogic SL1 platform can simplify multiple sources of data by compiling them into a single view, allowing IT operations to make smarter, quicker decisions. The platform also enables teams to better understand relationships between infrastructure, applications, and business services — unlocking new insights through an increasingly connected IT landscape.

“Our new partnership with ScienceLogic allows us to offer customers the best of both worlds — the latest and greatest AIOps tooling from ScienceLogic, combined with SHI’s expertise in large-scale enterprise integration and automation,” Melissa Graham, senior vice president of Global Sales at SHI stated. “Together, we’re making this growing IT practice more available to some of the world’s largest and most complex IT organizations who are looking to use cutting-edge technology to find new efficiencies.”

“The ability to quickly and easily integrate AIOps is one of the biggest hurdles organizations need to overcome, and they often need help in doing it,” Todd McNab, president and chief revenue officer at ScienceLogic said. “For decades, SHI has partnered with exactly the type of large enterprises interested in using our innovative technology to turn insight into actions. In partnership with SHI, ScienceLogic can quickly alleviate those roadblocks and get organizations up and running on-time and under budget.”