Private Lender Law, Mortgage Automator form joint venture to reshape commercial lending industry

Private Lender Law formed a joint venture/integration partnership with the Toronto-based loan management platform Mortgage Automator, according to a Monday announcement from Jonathan Hornik, founder of Private Lender Law.

A full-service law firm serving the private lending industry, Private Lender Law encompasses the practice group of LaRocca Hornik Rosen & Greenberg and offers clients everything from loan closings and foreclosures to licensing and regulatory review.

“For us, Mortgage Automator represents a game-changer for our private lender clients,” Hornik said. “By leveraging their expertise and technology, our firm will now have the capability to provide our already industry-leading nationwide closing services even quicker, along with other enhanced execution capabilities and a premium focus on accuracy.”

Mortgage Automator has built a connection to directly link its clients to Private Lender Law, so Mortgage Automator clients can now instantaneously deliver loan files to Private Lender Law with a push of a button. Loan documentation preparation will happen simultaneously with the transfer of the file.

By digitizing and automating lending processes, the loan origination and servicing platform provides a seamless connection between all parties involved in private lending transactions: lenders, brokers, lawyers, investors and more.

With over $10 billion funded through the system, Mortgage Automator is equipped with a convenient interface and step-by-step processes that are adjustable to the unique needs of the user. It recognizes the many differences in the business processes of each lender and provides them with the flexibility of a platform built by mortgage professionals with decades of experience in the private mortgage industry.

“While we had proven ourselves in the Canadian market, we were focused on winning over the U.S.-based industry as well,” Joseph Fooks, Mortgage Automator co-founder, said. “That momentous turning point for our team came in 2021 when we won Innovator of the Year at the Pitbull Conference. The perfect next step for Mortgage Automator in the U.S. is to connect with the top U.S. law firm in the private lending space.”

With an extensive legal database of nationwide closing documents, partnering with Private Lender Law became the optimal next phase for Mortgage Automator.

“I think the key here is that Mortgage Automator will now populate Private Lender Law’s extensive loan documents, nationwide — becoming the sole pipeline and prep tool for our clients,” Hornik said. “What this essentially means is the quickest closing law firm in the country is now even faster.”