Peejamas and Suuchi to expand partnership through multiyear collaboration

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Carlstadt-based Suuchi Inc. on Wednesday said it solidified a multiyear partnership with Peejamas, the Salt Lake City-based childrenswear potty training pants company. The venture will expand upon the existing relationship between the two and further digitize business operations.

The growth in the partnership between both companies helps Peejamas expand its use of the GRID along with its ongoing production runs utilizing Suuchi’s Global Sourcing Network.

The GRID provides a supply chain operations software platform, while also managing a GSN that consists of hundreds of factories, suppliers, mills and freight companies across Central and South America, as well as Asia.

Suuchi Ramesh. (File photo)

“Our GSN team is proud to be the digital and sourcing backbone for Peejamas. We have witnessed firsthand their supersonic growth over the last few years. We are thrilled that, with this multiyear partnership, Peejamas has decided to run a bigger bulk of their production volume through the GSN platform. (Founder and CEO) Craig (Hammond) is onto something powerful. There is a big need and market for high-quality, sustainable potty-training products. We are grateful to be a part of the journey of this next billion-dollar brand,” Suuchi Ramesh, founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc., stated.

Peejamas uses the three core products of the GRID — product lifecycle management, downstream supply chain management and GSN — to manage its sourcing and production capabilities, optimizing for the best combination of ethical manufacturing, costs and lead times.

Peejamas makes its products with three things in mind — the child, the environment and the child’s caretakers — and seeks to create and offer the best products to strengthen the child’s confidence, while helping the environment.

Peejamas are a kid-friendlier, eco-friendlier and wallet-friendlier alternative to disposable daytime and nighttime diapers or trainers. Peejamas has produced children’s incontinence clothing and accessories through the GSN for nearly two years, and expanding its use of Suuchi’s network of factories in Central and South America will help Peejamas further optimize its production lifecycles and decrease lead times.

The Suuchi GRID is the modern standard for supply chain management built for apparel, cosmetics, footwear, manufacturing and over 20 other consumer product industries.

Suuchi customers purchase the GRID as a separate software offering to manage product development, costing and purchasing, and receive access to the GRID when they leverage the platform for production and sourcing solutions.

“The GRID platform and Global Sourcing Network are critical supply chain solutions for Peejamas. The GRID team has helped Peejamas expand our production capabilities, and bring our eco-friendly childrenswear to families around the world. We love that we have been able to nearshore our production operations, optimize lead times and digitize our product development and sourcing operations. The Suuchi GSN team are incredible supply chain thought leaders and we have benefited enormously from their operating expertise,” Hammond said.