RWJUH Rahway opens new outpatient cardiac clinic to help patients maintain heart health

Female hands giving red heart

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway opened a new outpatient cardiac clinic to ensure continuity of care for cardiac patients after they leave the hospital. The clinic focuses on cardiac wellness and treating patients discharged from the hospital after suffering common cardiac conditions such as a heart attack, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation and arrhythmias.

“Managing heart disease can take time, getting medication right, balancing diet and lifestyle. It’s important for people to have a place for that follow-up care,” Dr. Howard Levitt, cardiologist with RWJUH Rahway, said. “The clinic was established to ensure continuity of care and provide patients the needed follow-up after discharge.”

The new outpatient cardiac clinic is part of RWJUH Rahway’s award-winning and comprehensive heart and vascular care program, which offers a multidisciplinary, integrated and patient-centric approach to care from a team of experts. The program delivers advanced cardiovascular and thoracic care, including diagnosis, treatment and continued support for people in Union and Middlesex counties living with cardiovascular and thoracic conditions.

“As heart disease continues to affect millions of Americans, it is essential that patients have access to the proper follow-up care close to home after they’ve been discharged from the hospital,” Kirk Tice, CEO and president of RWJUH Rahway, said. “The availability of continued care and education when needed most are an effective tool to get patients back to their daily lives and keep them out of the hospital.”