Turrell named CEO of Rockaway-based Healthcare Leaders Group

(File photo)

Healthcare Leaders Group has appointed Sophie Turrell as its new CEO, effective immediately.

Based in Rockaway, Healthcare Leaders Group bills itself as a company that is revolutionizing technology for health care.

“We design and deliver solutions so you can put patients before business,” it says on its website. “Everything we do is geared toward better experiences and outcomes. By listening to our clients and anticipating their needs, HLG will shape the health care landscape.”

Turrell, who is replacing Roni Amiel, will oversee the day-to-day activities of HLG.

“HLG’s mission is to revolutionize technology for health care and, to deliver on that vision, we must build an environment in which we focus on breeding excellence,” she said. “We are completely focused on building the technology solutions and services health care professionals need to get back in front of their patients.”

Turrell has a strong background in business development, with Walmart eCommerce, Uber Eats and Palantir Technologies.

She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University and her MBA from Stanford University.