Marketing 101: Fans driving Hyundais will now get premium spots at Prudential Center as part of multiyear sponsorship deal

Hyundai will get naming rights to parking deck, skybridge and club lounge as part of agreement with Devils, arena

How’s this for marketing: Starting Thursday night, fans of the New Jersey Devils who pull into what will now be called the Parking Deck presented by Hyundai will receive access to park in premier Hyundai-branded parking spaces — as long as they are driving a Hyundai.

This special fan perk is just one of the aspects of the multiyear partnership Hyundai Motor America and the Devils and Prudential Center announced Wednesday. (The perk is good for Hyundai drivers attending all Prudential Center events.)

The agreement also includes naming rights to prominent arena areas, including the Hyundai Skybridge and the Hyundai Club, a premium space located on Prudential Center’s main concourse.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the deal will be held prior to the Devils’ home game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday.

Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer of Hyundai Motor America, said she is thrilled to have the partnership.

“Hyundai is a brand on the move, and our journey is about standing out,” she said. “The partnership is a great opportunity for the Hyundai brand to make an emotional connection with fans of the Devils and events at Prudential Center.”

That connection will be evident.

The Parking Deck presented by Hyundai will feature exterior and interior Hyundai branding throughout all six levels of the deck and within the elevators. The Hyundai Skybridge, located on Level 4 of the Parking Deck presented by Hyundai, which connects to Prudential Center’s main concourse, will feature branding and vehicle signage.

The Hyundai Club, located across from the Hyundai Skybridge on the main concourse behind Sections 7-9, will feature Hyundai branding at the entryway and throughout the club. And there will be Hyundai-branded napkins, cups and wristbands for patrons with access to the club area.

Of course, there have to be cars in the deal, too.

A Devils-branded Hyundai Palisade will be on display at the front entry of the club. And a second Hyundai car, branded with Hyundai Hope On Wheels, will be present on Prudential Center’s main concourse across from the Hyundai Skybridge entrance, behind Section 9.

Hyundai Hope On Wheels, which has pledged more than $200 million in support of more than 1,200 childhood cancer grants, is one of the largest nonprofit funders of pediatric cancer research in the country. Primary funding for Hyundai Hope On Wheels comes from Hyundai Motor America and its more than 820 U.S. dealers.

Additionally, Hyundai will be the presenting partner of the Devils’ penalty kill, which will allow for in-arena and social media branding during Devils games.

The partnership will feature digitally enhanced dasher board signage as well as physical dasher board signage for fans to view both while attending a Devils game and while watching a Devils game from home. Hyundai also will have branding featured above the Zamboni Tunnel at Prudential Center.

Hyundai will receive virtual glass signage during broadcasts, along with a 30-second commercial spot during local game broadcasts. Hyundai also will receive placement on the Devils’ website and email marketing.

Chad Biggs, senior vice president, corporate partnerships activation, New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center, said the organizations are pleased with the partnership.

“We are excited to partner with Hyundai, as their brand is represented with marquee displays throughout Prudential Center,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to work together to provide our fans with unique area experiences during Devils home games, and Prudential Center concerts, shows and family events.”

And, if they’re driving a Hyundai, it means getting a great parking spot, too.