Golfzon Range by Leadbetter — a new way to work on your swing indoors — opens in Little Ferry

A gym for golf?

That’s the way officials at Golfzon Range by Leadbetter — an indoor training center touted as a blend of self-learning, live instruction and unrestricted range time for golfers of all levels — are promoting the facility that has opened in Little Ferry.

Golfzon Range is a brand-new concept from Golfzon Leadbetter, a leading golf technology and instruction company. By blending Golfzon’s advanced simulator technology and Leadbetter’s world-renowned golf instruction, Golfzon Range officials feel they can help current and new golfers learn golf faster.

And do it in a way athletes are familiar with.

“We are on a mission to make it faster to learn golf,” CEO Benedict Riches said. “Golfzon Range will be the equivalent of a gym for golf — a dedicated place to train your golf swing so that you can have more fun and success when playing on the course.

“We’ve taught golfers of every ability all over the world, but always at a golf course. Now, we can take that same knowledge and use Golfzon technology to offer it in more convenient locations. This is the future of how the golf swing will be taught.”

Golfzon Range is equipped with 22 Golfzon Driving Range simulators designed specifically for individual practice, private lessons using 3-D artificial intelligence swing analysis, and group classes. Golfers will be able to learn and perfect every shot in the game, even from sloping lies, using Golfzon’s patented moving swing plates. With Leadbetter instruction on hand and instant feedback from cameras and shot data, golfers will be able to play better golf and ensure swing changes are made permanent all year-round.

David Leadbetter said the training will have impact.

“Opening a purpose-built indoor golf training center like this will help generations of golfers in the New York area to improve more quickly — and that’s what golf needs to continue to grow as a sport,” he said. “Our research shows that golfers learn the golf swing faster indoors than at an outdoor range or on a course, so this facility is a big step forward in how we teach the game.”

Golfzon Range by Leadbetter is located at 260 Bergen Turnpike in Little Ferry. You can try it for free here.