Table to Table, America’s Grow-a-Row receive $375K donation from BofA’s booster campaign

America’s Grow-a-Row and Table to Table received a $375,000 donation, $187,500 each, from Bank of America to help address food insecurity in New Jersey. Bank of America donated $50 per shot for each employee in New Jersey who received a coronavirus vaccine or booster shot and/or flu shot before Nov. 23.

According to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, about 650,000 people in New Jersey face hunger every day, with 175,000 of them being children. Grocery prices are 12% higher than in October 2021 — the largest 12-month increase in grocery prices in nearly 42 years. Food banks are reporting that they are spending three times more on purchasing food than they did in 2019, according to an October 2022 Consumer Price Index report.

For every $1, America’s Grow-a-Row provides five servings of wholesome fresh produce, and for every $1, Table to Table provides 10 meals to New Jersey residents. With help from the bank’s donation, America’s Grow-a-Row is providing close to 1 million servings of fresh produce and Table to Table is providing 1.875 million meals to individuals and families throughout New Jersey.

The donation is part of a unique program to encourage bank employees to receive an annual flu shot and/or coronavirus vaccine or booster, while also investing in its community. This is also part of the bank’s longstanding efforts to address hunger relief and support the health and safety of its employees and community.