Fair Lawn gets $3.4M for water treatment facilities

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer joined with local leaders and officials from Fair Lawn’s Water Department to announce a new $3.4 million federal investment for new and improved water treatment.

This investment, which was clawed back from Washington, D.C., will help keep Fair Lawn water clean by addressing three wells that are currently offline from increased levels of lead and forever chemicals known as PFAS.

Because the borough is now operating with fewer wells, Fair Lawn has been forced to purchase water from private companies, which can increase utility bills for families.

Working with the Environmental Protection Agency, Gottheimer (D-5th Dist.) clawed back $19.5 million to Fair Lawn in 2018 for expanding and upgrading groundwater cleanup efforts.

The investment builds on Gottheimer’s broader Clean Water Action Plan. It also builds on the progress Gottheimer has led over recent years for greater transparency and investment to address dangerous lead and forever chemicals in water in North Jersey schools.

According to public reporting, New Jersey has 350,000 lead service lines, which are lead pipes that connect a water main from the curb to premises like a home or school.

Gottheimer is also working with towns across the 5th Congressional District to claw back even more of their own tax dollars to help improve their water treatment facilities, protect families and make life more affordable.

“For years now, after hearing from so many parents, I’ve been sounding the alarm on the threat of contaminated drinking water to the health and safety of our families, in our schools and in our homes — whether that’s elevated lead levels or forever chemicals like per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as PFAS,” Gottheimer said. “I helped craft and pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which invested $168 million for critical New Jersey water infrastructure needs to get forever chemicals and lead out of our families’ water and improve overall the quality of life for New Jersey families. This new $3.4 million federal investment clawed back from Washington will help improve Fair Lawn’s filtration systems and address lead, PFAS, and forever chemicals. Once these wells reach acceptable standards, they can be put back online and Fair Lawn will have more control of their own water supply. This will help make life more affordable for families and, more importantly, keep our families safe.”

Once Fair Lawn’s wells reach acceptable standards, they can be put back online and Fair Lawn will have more control of its own water supply. This new federal investment will help ensure that families and small businesses in Fair Lawn have access to clean water for decades to come.