EAD Engineering: Relocation to N.J. provides opportunity to attract best, brightest

Chalk one up for the educated workforce.

EAD Engineering, the Omaha, Nebraska-based firm that chose New Jersey when it announced its expansion last fall, said New Jersey does more than just provide a Northeast footprint — it allows the firm to expand its talent level.

So said Ryan Sheehy, the business development manager of the office.

“Our location in this state provides an opportunity to attract the best and brightest talent in the industry, which enables us to service our clients at the highest level,” he said.

The global engineering consulting and project management company — which also has offices in Cary, North Carolina, and Memphis, Tennessee — picked New Jersey after it conducted extensive research, which included evaluating several other cities within the U.S. prior to selecting Parsippany as the site of its new office.

Sally White, the managing director of EAD’s northeastern U.S. regional business, said the firm weighted the selection for its investment with a focus on what the prospective cities offered in terms of opportunity to scale, local talent, proximity to educational institutions, opportunity for future client investments and quality of life for EAD employees.

EAD concluded that New Jersey was able to meet and exceed expectations regarding all desired search criteria, which ultimately cemented its decision to make Parsippany the home for its new office.

With more than 20 years of experience advising global clients in the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, chemical manufacturing, food and parcel/logistics industries, White said EAD specializes in working with clients that operate 24/7/365 and demand a high level of quality, performance and validation in every project.

“This expansion is an expression of gratitude for the trust our clients grant us and a symbol of the dedication and passion with which EAD is driving advancement in the United States,” she said.

Choose New Jersey CEO Wes Mathews said EAD’s selection helps the state in a number of ways — starting with perception.

“This expansion will strengthen leading pharmaceutical, food and logistics industries, elevating New Jersey’s position as a global economic leader,” he said.