Valley Hospital is 1st in world to use new Impella Low Profile Sheath

The Valley Hospital said it recently became the first medical institution in the world to use Abiomed’s new Impella 14 Fr Low Profile Sheath during a high-risk, complex coronary stenting procedure.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rajiv Tayal, director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Structural Heart Program at the Valley Hospital, Valley’s team of interventional cardiologists used the Impella 14 while implanting an Impella CP with SmartAssist heart pump. The pump is designed to provide short-term blood flow support by helping to pump blood throughout the body. When implanted in the left ventricle, the Impella device takes over the pumping function of the heart, pumping oxygenated blood to tissues throughout the body while allowing the heart to rest and recover.

“Abiomed’s Impella Low Profile Sheath is designed to have a smaller footprint in the artery in which it is placed, making the insertion and removal of the Impella heart pump device easier, while still allowing even the most complex procedures to be performed through a single access site in the body,” Tayal said. “The new sheath represents a tremendous step forward in advancing care and improving outcomes in patients requiring mechanical circulatory support for both high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention and cardiogenic shock.”

“Our team of interventionalists at the Valley Heart and Vascular Institute are pleased to be able to offer our patients personalized care using the latest leading-edge technology,” Dr. Hussein Rahim, interventional cardiologist and structural heart specialist, said.