Angel Haven finds new home to offer holistic health at Mission 50 in Hoboken

Boutique office building and coworking community meets unique needs of wellness practice 

The Angel Haven offers a safe space for those looking for holistic health and wellness and the harmonious transformation of mind, body and spirit. But, for owner Shalina Joy, the search for the ideal space to welcome her clients was more complicated than she ever imagined — until her journey led her to Mission 50 in Hoboken.

A certified Shamanic Reiki master, spiritual diviner and holistic healer, Joy specializes in energy medicine and spiritual healing.

“We all have the innate ability to understand this world differently than we do now,” said Joy, who, as a shaman, is regarded as a person who has access to, and influence in, the spirit world. “My ultimate goal is to help people understand who they are, discover their lost power and live their true potential.”

In addition to Reiki, which is a natural healing technique that reduces tension and enhances the body’s potential to repair and restore itself, Joy taps into a range of modalities that include shamanic divination, intuitive healing, spiritual coaching, mediation, sound therapy, gem and crystal healing, spiritual journeying and mindfulness therapy.

For Joy, serving as a Shamanic Reiki master is a calling.

“Just as there are born leaders and trained leaders, there are born shamans and those who take classes to learn to be shamans,” she said. “I was born into it. There is a shamanic lineage in my family that has been passed down from generation to generation.”

From the time she was a young girl, Joy was aware that she understood things differently than those around her.

“I could have a dream and see it come to pass the next day. But I kept it to myself since other people weren’t experiencing the same thing,” she said.

In high school, she became aware that her touch had a positive effect on people, and, in 2012 she started to acquire certifications in Shamanic and Reiki healing and to work with clients in their homes. Six years later, she began practicing professionally.