Sabert Corp. to eliminate PFAS from all products by the end of 2023

Sabert Corp., the sustainable food packaging solutions firm based in Sayreville, on Monday announced it is committed to eliminate all PFAS, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, from its full product portfolio by the end of 2023.

For more than three years, Sabert and its innovation teams have been developing and refining a number of new, proprietary PFAS-free formulas for its packaging products.

Across the company’s molded fiber and paper product portfolio, Sabert currently boasts more than 85 products manufactured without intentionally added PFAS, including 40-plus Biodegradable Products Institute-certified PFAS-free products, that offer a range of moisture and oil resistance to meet a variety of applications.

By the end of 2023, Sabert’s goal is to have its entire line of food packaging products made at all Sabert facilities — including all future products and customer-specific product designs — be completely free of intentionally added PFAS.

“Sabert’s focus on sustainability, product performance and product safety have been core to our business since the very beginning. And, as leaders in our industry, we know we have a responsibility to our customers and to consumers to design and manufacture the very best packaging products we can,” Christopher Howell, Sabert’s director of product management, said. “By committing to removing all intentionally added PFAS from our products, we are helping our customers increase their own sustainability efforts by developing products designed with today and tomorrow in mind.”

Sabert’s new Texas manufacturing facility is furthering the company’s ability to eliminate PFAS from all products. Its newest manufacturing facility, in Greenville, is currently developing exclusively PFAS-free packaging products for the North American market and beyond.

“This new facility is critical to enabling us to develop more PFAS-free products and deliver on our ultimate goal to enhance and advance the way people enjoy food by providing innovative and sustainable solutions,” Howell said. “Sabert’s expanded manufacturing capabilities will also allow us to produce more American-made products. We look forward to growing this facility further with more jobs and new machinery to manufacture even more PFAS-free products.”