Edible Garden announces new distribution with 16 Morton Williams retail locations in the New York Metropolitan Area

Belvidere-based Edible Garden announced that Morton Williams Supermarkets will begin carrying its produce and products in all 16 of its locations in the New York metropolitan area.

“We are pleased to add Morton Williams Supermarkets and their 16 locations to our already robust distribution network in the region. The New York metropolitan area is one that Edible Garden knows well, as we have developed strong relationships with many of the leading retailers operating in the region. We will be offering Morton Williams our entire product line of herbs and locally grown lettuce. Moreover, we will leverage our extensive knowledge of the region and work closely with them to identify the optimal product mix for each of their retail locations,” CEO Jim Kras said.

A leader in locally grown organic leafy greens and herbs, Edible Garden is backed by zero-waste inspired next-generation farming.

Offered at over 4,000 stores in the U.S., Edible Garden is disrupting the controlled environment agriculture and sustainability technology movement with its safety-in-farming protocols, use of sustainable packaging, patented GreenThumb software and self-watering in-store displays.

Edible Garden is also a developer of ingredients and proteins, providing an accessible line of plant and whey protein powders under the Vitamin Way and Vitamin Whey brands.

In addition, the company plans to offer a line of sustainable food flavoring products such as Pulp gourmet sauces and chili-based products.