St. Joseph’s Health among first in N.J. to perform new treatment option for prostate cancer

Paterson-based St. Joseph’s Health said it recently introduced a new treatment option for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer — the Focal One Robotic System.

“This new technology is changing the way we treat prostate cancer by allowing surgeons the ability to target only cancerous cells during treatment,” Dr. Mark Connolly, chairman of surgery at St. Joseph’s Health, said. “This approach drastically minimalizes the common side effects, including erectile dysfunction and incontinence, and allows patients to go home the same day.”

Focal One implements ultrasound image guidance with MRI and biopsy data presented in 3D to navigate directly to the tumor, without making any incisions. High-speed ultrasound energy is then directed at the targeted area and ablates only the diseased portion of the prostate. In the past, localized prostate cancer has been treated with the use of radiation or surgery, which can lead to side effects in the urinary, sexual and bowel function.

“Focal One brings new hope in the treatment of a very common form of cancer,” Dr. Daniel Rabinowitz, urologist, St. Joseph’s Health, said. “This minimally invasive procedure prevents the need for radical surgery or radiation, while also preserving our patients’ quality of life.”

The addition of the Focal One technology builds upon St. Joseph’s reputation for high-quality and innovative care, coupled with the hospital’s multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of cancer. Using Focal One, the urologist can view detailed 3D images of the prostate on a large monitor to target the diseased tissue more precisely.

“The Focal One technology gives us the ability to customize the procedure for each patient and each clinical condition to avoid damaging healthy tissue and treat only the areas needed,” Dr. Keith Christiansen, chief of urology, St. Joseph’s Health said.