NJR’s Corporate Sustainability Report highlights emission reduction goals and decarbonization priorities

Wall-based New Jersey Resources recently released its fiscal 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report, highlighting progress on its sustainability agenda spanning environmental, social & governance initiatives — including emission reduction goals and decarbonization priorities — across the company.

“As a leader in the energy industry and sustainability, New Jersey Resources continues to deliver strong results for our stakeholders,” Steve Westhoven, CEO and president of New Jersey Resources, said. “This past year has seen an immense change in the conversation about energy in America and how to ensure it remains accessible, reliable, affordable and clean. As we move into 2023, we are optimistic and sharply focused on a path forward that will advance sustainability goals and drive more innovation, action and positive impacts in our communities.”

Highlights within NJR’s 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report include:

  • Achieved a 59% reduction in operational emissions in New Jersey from the 2006 baseline, advancing NJR’s goal to reach a 60% reduction by 2030;
  • Eliminated both unprotected bare steel and cast iron from New Jersey Natural Gas’ distribution system;
  • Completed the first year of operation of NJNG’s milestone green hydrogen blending facility, which showcases the real-world value of its pipeline infrastructure to integrate, store, transport and deliver blended green hydrogen;
  • Continued its track record of energy-efficiency leadership with over $53 million in energy-efficiency initiatives, which was NJNG’s largest annual investment to date in the SAVEGREEN Project; and
  • Advanced NJR’s leadership in renewable energy through the development of two projects of national significance: Mount Olive, one of North America’s largest capped landfill installations, and Canoe Brook floating solar, the nation’s largest floating solar array, both located in New Jersey.

NJR also announced $20 million in funding provided to its charitable foundations over the past two years will establish an endowment that will support the company’s philanthropic work long into the future, with a focus on community impact and environmental stewardship.

Through its charitable foundations, NJR is solidifying its commitment to the environment with plans to invest up to $2 million over the next five years to support initiatives such as environmental conservation, restoration, enhancement, education and research. Through its Coastal Climate Initiative, NJR will focus its support for nature-based climate solutions that improve local ecosystems and add resiliency to local communities.

“We all have a role to play in addressing climate change and strengthening our communities,” Westhoven said. “With this dedicated funding, we will continue to take this challenge head-on to help ensure a better, more resilient and more sustainable future for us all.”

Click here to read the full sustainability report.