Cognizant to implement digital platform to monitor, forecast emissions in real-time

Teaneck-based Cognizant recently extended its relationship with Orica to deliver an environmental, social & governance data strategy and a digital platform that provides real-time reporting and forecasting of scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is a key component of the leading manufacturer of commercial explosives’ net-zero strategy.

Data is a crucial factor that allows companies to analyze their current emissions and measure against ESG goals over time.

As part of the agreement, Cognizant will leverage Australia-based Orica’s existing technology investments, specifically its Microsoft Azure data lake, and provide Orica with a single ESG data platform.

This platform is expected to capture and curate Orica’s GHG emissions data with the goal of enabling Orica to monitor, report and forecast its GHG emissions reductions and track the origination of Australian Carbon Credit Units.

“There is a growing market-driven need for large organizations in the resources industry to understand, report on and reduce their carbon footprint. As a major supplier to mining and construction companies, Orica also has an important role to play in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions,” Chris Crozier, chief information officer, Orica, said.

“Core to our company’s purpose of engineering modern businesses to improve everyday life is our commitment to embed sustainability into our thinking, decisions and actions. Growing numbers of customers, investors, regulators and governmental bodies now expect corporations to make measurable progress toward reducing their greenhouse gas emissions,” Jonathan Smith, sustainability lead, Cognizant, said.

Orica has installed catalyst abatement technology at its nitric acid production facility at Kooragang Island, forecasting a significant reduction in GHG emissions, specifically nitrous oxide.