Connell Foley partners with veterans organization that helps with benefits

Connell Foley LLP on Monday announced it partnered with Project One Vet @ A Time, a nonprofit that provides legal and medical support at no cost to veterans transitioning out of the military and who are pursuing claims for benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

POVAT is led by co-founder, Chairman and CEO Will Markham, a decorated former Air Force combat controller. Markham retired in 2016 after multiple combat deployments worldwide, including as part of Army Special Forces ODA 555 — “Triple Nickel” — the first team to infiltrate the mountains of Afghanistan post-9/11.

After his 30 years of honorable service, Markham sought earned benefits from the VA — but, his claim was denied. Upon learning of the VA denial, friends and colleagues assembled a multidisciplinary team of medical and legal professionals who successfully lobbied the VA on his behalf and today make up POVAT’s Executive Committee.

Connell Foley is the first company to make a five-year monetary pledge in support of POVAT’s 555 Triple Nickel Initiative.

Managing Partner Tim Corriston stated: “We are very proud to support Will, and the entire POVAT organization. Connell Foley’s contribution will go a long way to help veterans receive the compensation and pension benefits these American heroes have earned and deserve. We hope it sparks other companies to stand behind POVAT in this effort.”

POVAT now serves as a bridge to the VA, advocating for select veterans enduring the burden of what is often a lengthy, painful bureaucratic process for veterans and their families.

Learning of Connell Foley’s five-year commitment, Markham said: “This is not only a commitment to support our veterans and their families, it is a commitment to save the lives of our veterans and change the lives of their families. Connell Foley and its team stood by me when I was faced with ‘Who will help?’ ‘How am I going to get through this?’ Today, we have POVAT because of the men and women of Connell Foley. This is not only a financial commitment, but speaks to the level of the culture of excellence that Connell Foley stands for.”