Larken Associates helps pharmaceutical company grow in Hillsborough

Larken Associates on Tuesday said it signed a lease expansion with NanoTech Pharma Inc. for an additional 1,500 square feet at Hillsborough Business Center

Located at Stryker Lane in Hillsborough, NanoTech Pharma will now occupy a total of 4,218 square feet within Hillsborough Business Center.

The pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company focuses on drug product development by providing its captive drug delivery technologies for well-proven biological activities and market compounds, particularly those with high drug loading/toxicity, low solubility and severe side effects. The company’s pipeline includes innovative and patented nanomedicine for oncology, serious infections and cardiovascular disease, among others.

The company has been a tenant at Hillsborough Business Center since 2019.

Hillsborough Business Center offers superior location that is one block east of Route 206 in Somerset County with easy access to Routes 1, 22 and 206 as well as Interstates 78 and 287.

“One of Hillsborough Business Center’s best assets is its adaptability to fit the unique needs of businesses across various industries,” said Rob Marek, executive vice president of Raider Realty, the in-house brokerage division of Larken Associates. “It’s been impressive to witness Nanotech Pharma Inc.’s growth and we’re thrilled to provide the space needed to meet their growing needs.”