Wells Fargo rings NYSE opening bell in recognition of Black History Month

Wells Fargo’s Black & African American Connection Employee Resource Network was awarded the honor of ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday in honor and recognition of Black History Month.

The network’s enterprise president, Lu Reames, and vice president, Tomica Lindsey, joined its executive co-sponsor, Head of Strategy, Digital & Innovation Ather Williams III, to ring the bell, surrounded by other members of the network’s leadership team and partners who support them.

“Black History Month, at its core, is about acknowledging, honoring and celebrating the rich history, culture and contributions of the Black and African American community,” Williams stated. “It’s important to recognize our history to better understand where we are now and what’s possible in our collective future. At Wells Fargo, our work goes beyond the 28 days in February. We are committed to expanding financial opportunities in the communities we serve and creating real impact. We are honored to celebrate Black history with today’s bell ringing at the iconic New York Stock Exchange.”

Reames added: “When the NYSE began in 1792, the Black experience was underrepresented within its membership and this bell podium. Today, nearly 231 years later, as the enterprise president of the Wells Fargo Black & African American Employee Resource Network, I am proud to stand on this platform to celebrate Black and African Americans’ contributions to America’s economic success and to great institutions like the NYSE. Standing here where my hero Nelson Mandela also stood in 2002 is an honor beyond words.”

The event comes on the heels of Wells Fargo’s $50 million grant to the NAACP earlier this month; this is the single largest donation the organization has received to date. The grant will bolster efforts to provide better access to economic opportunities for Black and African Americans, and advance racial equity in America.

Wells Fargo is a national bank with a major presence in New Jersey and the New York metro region.