AIMR Analytics releases new interface allowing for financial adviser comparison

AIMR Analytics, an Englewood Cliffs-based fintech corporation, recently released a user interface update to its marquis product,

New features include a first-of-its-kind fully comprehensive “compare” function, which allows for a side-by-side comparison between advisers and the ability to share adviser profiles with others.

The financial adviser comparison tool will allow users to pull information on up to three financial advisers, side-by-side, to get a detailed comparison at their physical location, disclosures (if any), years of experience, firm history, certifications, exam history, average account size (at their firm), assets under management (at the firm), number of employees at their firm, the total number of clients, the ratio of clients to employees and more pertinent metrics.

In addition to the ability to compare, users will also be able to find additional data for some advisers that can include their area of expertise, compensation structure, contact information, minimum asset size, social media links and many other helpful data points that AdvisorCheck aggregates together in one easy-to-use dashboard.

“Comparing financial advisers before today required a significant amount of individual research over multiple touchpoints and sifting through large documents for pertinent information,” AdvisorCheck Chief Operating Officer Dan Hattori said. “Our industry-disrupting update creates added transparency in the client-adviser relationship providing the general public user-friendly search, compare and easy access to so much relevant data on a financial adviser. AdvisorCheck makes it simple to compare advisers side-by-side and it helps put the consumer in the driver’s seat of their financial journey.”