Gibbons is top lawyer-lobbying firm for 15th consecutive year

For the 15th year in a row, Gibbons has been ranked the No. 1 lawyer-lobbying firm in New Jersey, according to the 2022 lobbying expenditures report released this week by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The Gibbons Government & Regulatory Affairs Group, which was launched in 2002, recorded $3,599,400 of business. The group ranked sixth in the state among all lobbying practices.

The group, which has had an office in Trenton since its founding, offers public, private and nonprofit sector clients the legal, policy, and government affairs guidance needed to most effectively execute their missions.

The firm built a team of distinguished lawyer-lobbyists who provide cutting-edge advocacy to make clients’ voices heard at the right times and by the right people. Patrick Dunican, now executive chairperson of Gibbons, in particular, has worked to ensure that the team has had all the necessary resources to build its award-winning practice, and he has established, nurtured and strengthened the firm’s relationships with various elected officials and other policymakers throughout the legislative and executive branches at the local, state and federal levels.

Patrick Dunican.

“It is an extraordinary accomplishment to be recognized as the state’s top lawyer-lobbying firm for 15 consecutive years, and we congratulate our Government & Regulatory Affairs Group attorneys for this well-earned distinction,” Dunican said.

Peter Torcicollo, the firm’s managing director, also offered praise.

“Fifteen years is indeed noteworthy,” he said. “Our talented lawyer-lobbyists remain focused on helping clients achieve their business goals, maintaining excellent working relationships in both the executive and legislative branches, in both parties and in both Trenton and Washington.”

Peter Torcicollo.

Based just steps from the New Jersey State House in Trenton and supported by additional resources from the firm’s Newark and Red Bank offices, the Gibbons Government & Regulatory Affairs Group offers a broad range of services and experience in state legislative affairs, regulatory affairs and departmental actions, administrative law, business incentives, government procurement and contracting, and political and campaign finance compliance. In addition, the firm’s Washington, D.C., office provides Gibbons lawyer-lobbyists a base from which to more efficiently handle federal regulatory concerns and government relations strategies with on-the-ground guidance wherever client issues may arise.

David Pascrell, chair of the firm’s Government & Regulatory Affairs Group, said the recognition is humbling.

“I am so pleased that our clients continue to seek out our government and regulatory affairs expertise,” he said. “Fifteen years at the top of any list among law firms in New Jersey is a wonderful milestone.”

The Top 5 lawyer-lobbyist firms:

  • Gibbons: $3,599,400;
  • McCarter & English: $2,195,627;
  • Archer Public Affairs: $1,642,750;
  • Porzio Governmental Affairs: $1,485,799;
  • Riker Danzig: $1,034,798.