BWG Strategy acquires OTR Global

BWG Strategy, a primary research platform for institutional investors, on Monday said it acquired OTR Global to expand its suite of research services and position the platform to be the leading provider of the services. The combined company will provide best-in-class primary research services to evaluate company performance and generate unique investment ideas.

Anil Prahlad, CEO of Cranford-based BWG, commented: “Our mission is to provide our clients with investable insights from industry sources that they are unable to access otherwise. OTR Global has been operating with that same mission by setting the industry standard for unbiased marketplace research for 28 years. This merger provides unparalleled value for both BWG and OTR clients.

“For the first time in the industry, investors will be able to access the multiple viewpoints a panel of industry experts provide in our timely forums, as well as standardized, detailed global channel research on their companies and sectors of interest — all from a single research provider.”

“We are very excited to join forces with BWG. The combined strengths of BWG and OTR will allow investors to deepen their knowledge of a company or sector, save hours in their workflows and access a comprehensive suite of products that is unrivaled by any other research vendor,” Mark Conley, president of OTR Global, said.

In the coming months, BWG and OTR plan to develop new industry-leading products and services to continue the mission of uncovering unique and timely information that enhances clients’ understanding of companies and sectors.