SwagUp lands revenue-based growth investment from Decathlon Capital Partners

Piscataway-based branded merchandise company SwagUp has received a growth funding investment from Decathlon Capital Partners, it announced Tuesday.

Financial terms of the revenue-based investment were not disclosed.

About SwagUp

SwagUp is an online platform that streamlines the process of constructing swag packs by creating, automating and distributing a company’s swag solutions for them without expensive platform fees or long-term contract requirements. The company has grown quickly, thanks to its focus on simplification and client success.

SwagUp is a fast-growing, streamlined platform that creates, automates and distributes high-quality branded swag, according to its news release. It intends to use the funds to support its growth initiatives, as well as expand product offerings and enhance client service capabilities, it added.

“In under three years, we went from having no clients to working with more than 5,000 top companies,” founder and CEO Michael Martocci said in a prepared statement. “Our mission to eliminate the issues that come with the swag buying and the distribution process resonated with companies that were looking for premium swag packs.”

The company said the investment did not require any exchange of equity or ownership for capital, and SwagUp did not cede any control of the company; it will repay the investment through future revenue.

“As SwagUp continues its outstanding growth trajectory, Decathlon Capital Partners is excited to support its continued advancements and successes,” Managing Director Wayne Cantwell said in a statement.