Montclair Hospitality Group partners with famed ‘Iron Chef’ Morimoto to launch new dining concepts

Montclair Hospitality Group on Wednesday said it has formed an exclusive partnership with famed “Iron Chef” TV star Masaharu Morimoto.

Known around the world as the star of “Iron Chef” and “Iron Chef America,” Morimoto has garnered popular acclaim for his integration of Western and Japanese ingredients. He has effectively created a signature style and positioned himself as one of the foremost chefs in the world.

MHG and Morimoto’s new restaurant partnership will include a new restaurant to anchor Fortress Development‘s new InterContinental Hotel – Bellevue at the Avenue, bringing a new Morimoto concept to Northwest America with plans for a luxury sushi dining concept.

The partnership between MHG and Morimoto comes on the heels of exciting 2023 milestones for the hospitality group.

Founded in 2014 by Luck Sarabhayavanija, MHG recently announced the appointment of new CEO Joey Simons, who assembled a team that resembles a who’s who of the culinary world.

In February, the group opened its new pastaRAMEN brick-and-mortar restaurant in Montclair. The partnership with Morimoto comes in addition to upcoming MHG concepts and planned launches across the country.

Commenting on MHG’s upcoming joint venture with Morimoto, Sarabhayavanija said: “This dream partnership with Chef Morimoto furthers MHG’s mission to collaborate with the world’s leading talent to provide our guests with extraordinary experiences. MHG will continue to build on this momentum creating exciting new brands, working alongside the best of the best in our industry.”