Labor First rebrands as RetireeFirst to preserve and enhance retiree benefits

Labor First, a group retiree Medicare benefits manager that serves labor unions, public sector entities and commercial organizations, recently announced its rebrand as RetireeFirst.

With a new name, website and branding, LaborFirst will become a division of RetireeFirst, recognizing its valued heritage in the labor market.

Although the company name is changing, the Mount Laurel-based organization remains exactly the same with respect to management and personnel, solutions and services offered, client and partner base and retiree health care plans. The driving force behind the rebrand was to create a refreshed brand identity to convey the company’s position as the leading group retiree benefit management solutions and retiree advocacy service provider across all markets it serves.

Founded in 2005, Labor First quickly made a name for itself as a valuable partner that manages every aspect of group retiree health care benefit administration, from plan design and selection to plan implementation and ongoing management, creating a better experience for plan sponsors and helping to improve health outcomes for retired members.

Now, as RetireeFirst, the company is building on that legacy. In addition to its new name, the company has launched a new logo, website, mission and vision, focused on preserving and enhancing retiree benefits while reducing costs and administrative burden — ultimately driving significant value for all stakeholders the company works with, including plan sponsors and their Medicare-eligible retirees, benefit consultants and brokers, and insurance carriers.

“Since our inception, we have remained highly focused on addressing our clients’ most pressing needs — reducing the costs and liability associated with post-retirement health benefits without sacrificing the benefits retirees have worked their whole lives for. This focus and dedication has not changed. Rather, we’re intensifying our efforts,” John Dulczak, CEO, RetireeFirst, said. “Under the RetireeFirst name and with our new brand identity, we look forward to offering our labor, public sector and commercial clients and partners new services and solutions designed to better meet their needs and the needs of their retired members.”

Over the last five years, RetireeFirst has experienced significant growth, maintaining an impressive client retention rate of 100% and achieving an annual net promoter score above 90, a significantly higher ranking than the health care industry average of 58.

“The strengthening of our brand and positioning in health care benefits comes at a critical time in our company’s life cycle. Never before has the industry been so complex, with costs rising, the Medicare landscape ever-evolving and plan sponsors challenged with managing benefits budgets and risks while making sure retiree member needs are met,” Rick Kaplan, chief growth officer, RetireeFirst, said. “We know RetireeFirst is the partner our clients need to solve their emerging challenges, as our approach and expertise enables us to develop solutions to meet client needs without sacrificing our people-centric service model.”